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Real Estate CRM Features & Benefits

More than any other industry, Real Estate has the necessity to tackle a great number of today’s market challenges. What does a prosperous real estate agent usually do? Nowadays, it goes much further than just buying and selling houses. The key aspect remains, of course, acquiring a client and closing a lead, but a good realtor should perform in a more effective, quick and competitive way. The expected multitasking functions get difficult to conduct simultaneously: browsing real estate websites, managing the clients’ database, advertising, sending emails, posting videos, using blogging platforms and social networks, meeting with people, etc. Time is money, so CRM solutions for real estate come in handy.

Ask any top performing real estate agent what their must-go tool is, and chances are they’ll say a great real estate CRM. The only problem is that there are so many in the market that it’s hard to know which is the best.

Check out some of the features a real estate CRM must have and how these features are going to benefit your real estate business.

Features a Real Estate CRM Must Have

Lead Management System
CRM platform that maintains a record of all your clients. This allows you to group together similar clients, for better strategies, promotional events, and making better selling decisions.

List Management
Your CRM needs to enable you to customize your data to create custom lists based on deals, dates, offers, events, and commissions. It’s also great if you can attach property details/documents with the listing.

Email Platform
Real estate CRM software should support a strong email system. A real estate CRM’s email tool should have features such as pre-designed drip email campaigns for various contacts.

Drip Email
Drip email marketing is a funnel system, where you can send an autoresponder initially, e.g. when a user subscribes to your newsletter, you send an auto “Thank You”.

Mobile Capability
A mobile CRM platform should be compatible with the most popular mobile OS for smartphones and tablets (e.g. Apple and Android). CRM systems with a mobile version are particularly helpful to real estate agents because they’re usually on the road.

Benefits of Real Estate CRM

Manage Leads Effectively
Managing leads is easier with CRM’s, have direct communication with your client to boost conversions. All you have to do is send out a group text or email, asking if anyone wants to see these “new” properties.

Data At One Place
With CRM, you can consolidate information from all your lead generation sources in one place. Contacts are easily collected and organized, and you can access the information from various platforms (desktop computer, laptop, tablet or mobile device).

Cross-platform Access
Desktop and mobile CRM solutions help real estate agents to fulfill a diverse range of duties providing access to stored in the cloud database with an understandable user interface on synced portable devices. CRM can be easily customized according to the business needs and volume.

Improve Follow-Ups
You can just write a quick note to let your past clients know that you remember them, appreciate them, and value the relationship you have with them.

One of the easiest ways to stay or get in touch with your clients is to wish them on their special days like on their anniversary or birthday etc.

Reporting and Feedback

Feedback from clients is important for making quick and better decisions: they usually reflect the preferences and intentions of the buyers. To be an effective real estate agent you need customer analytics work for them in the direction and get the maximum benefit out of it.