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Must-Have E-commerce Website Features For SEO Benefits – [An Infographic]

E-commerce is used by businesses to sell goods and services through the internet. Selling products and services directly to the customers worldwide is the basic purpose of having an eCommerce portal. According to stats In 2020, global retail e-commerce can reach up to $27 Trillion. Having one is not the only way to success but having all the important features and a powerful marketing strategy & the team is.

Here’s an Infographic Including Must-Have Features for an eCommerce Website for SEO Benefits.

 E-commerce Website Features

There are some really successful eCommerce portals to look up to, but it’s very hard to beat the competition against them. Know Why? Because they are a brand now. Have a look at the few (2018 Stats):

  • Amazon
    Brand value: $150.8 billion
  • Apple
    Brand value: $146.3 billion
  • Samsung
    Brand value: $92.3 billion
  • Walmart
    Brand value: $61.5 billion
  • ICBC
    Brand value: $59.2 billion