Agent4leads: the best real estate software in the market

Are you a real estate company looking to scale your business? Or are you an individual broker trying to grow your business on your own and finding it quite difficult? You want to eliminate the redundant tasks that take up a lot of your time and don’t let you focus on the important tasks to elevate your business’ growth.

You have gone through many apps and software but couldn’t find anything that caters to your needs. Well, worry not. Because Paras Technologies have brought to you Agent4leads, a powerful and smart real estate software. The leading name among the real estate software developing companies has developed a solution for all your problems.

Equipped with the hottest features to take your business to greater heights, Agent4leads is the solution you didn’t know you need.

Paras Technologies: innovation at its peak

Paras Technologies is your one-stop solution to take your business to greater heights. The team of experts at Paras Technologies develops the best software and mobile apps for both android and iOS users. Their premium quality services include web designing and development, content management, SEO, and support and maintenance

Having served hundreds of businesses globally in more than a decade, we have gained a multitude of experiences. We have seen every kind of challenge posed in front of the businesses and served them an expert solution. Our products and services are well-liked by our customers. We are a pioneer in our industry finding new and innovative ways to better serve our clients.

Agent4leads: the one-stop solution

There’s no need to manually collect information about your customers’ needs and preferences. Paras Technologies provides you with a hassle-free solution to eliminate all the redundant tasks stopping you from reaching new heights. We have developed Agent4leads, a powerful and quick real estate software.

You don’t need to know to code or give any setup fee to take the best advantage of our software. We help you launch the software in a week and accelerate your business growth. Specifically made for helping you to understand your customers and develop strategies accordingly.

Our user-friendly real estate software enables you to increase your lead conversion rate and eliminate redundant tasks. Our software will handle all your tasks for you so you can focus on building relationships. It will help you acquire, manage and retain more customers, streamline transactions, and close deals on time. Access the real estate CRM from your mobile phone or desktop while it handles all the manual tasks for you from lead inquiry to booking to referrals.

Don’t miss any opportunity and accelerate the growth of your business with the help of our Agent4leads.

AgeAll the advance features you need

Paras Technologies has combined its years of experience and knowledge to develop real estate software that caters to all the needs of the brokers. Our team of experts performed extensive research to develop Agent4leads to be perfect in all kinds of market conditions. Our real estate CRM software comes with the following features:

  • Unlimited landing pages: We have developed innovative landing pages to build the lead database and enhance your brand’s image. Our landing pages are designed specifically for the real estate sector and went through various test phases.
  • Built-in CRM: Built-in CRM helps you in recording all the information in one place. It stores all the information about the leads, customers, and deal at the same place while generating reports for you. Access is available across multiple devices and automation features save you time and effort.
  • Sales process automation: Our real estate software helps you automate your sales process completely making your sales team’s work easier. All the redundant tasks including searching clients and nurturing leads are automated to give you the time to focus on vital revenue-generating activities.
  • Lead friendly: Build separate lead groups using the database present on each page. Integration with CRM helps in instantly importing the data for more lead generation.
  • Meaningful insights: Get real-time insights to make important decisions instantly. Our real estate CRM software has the most dynamic software with the search function enabled in it to keep you at the top of your game.

Benefits of choosing us

Being an industry leader, Paras Technologies aims to provide complete customer satisfaction to their customers. We work with complete dedication and passion to develop the most user-friendly real estate software. Our customization services focus completely on the needs of our clients.

We are the best choice to help you grow your business for many reasons. But consider these few for now:

  • Easier working process: Our real estate CRM software helps you manage your workflow easily. It helps you to eliminate redundant tasks so you can focus on more important work like relationship building.
  • Affordable solution: We understand that business solutions can be quite expensive but they should not put a hole in your pocket. We provide you with the best solutions at affordable prices to grow your business.
  • User-friendly: Our software for real estate management comes with a user-friendly dashboard and lets you make strategies quickly. It helps you understand your customers and increases your lead conversion rate.
  • Quality experience: In more than a decade of working, we didn’t just gain experience, we gained quality experience. We served clients globally and developed various products for different needs.
  • Customization services: We offer brilliant customization services to develop tailor-made software for your specific needs. You can get real estate software built by us from scratch that will cater to all your requirements.
  • Free trial: We offer a 14-day free trial to enable you to decide whether the Agent4leads suits your needs and business requirements.  


At Paras Technologies, we understand the needs and pain points of modern real estate companies and brokers. Hence, we combined our years of experience dealing with real estate businesses and technological expertise to provide you a real estate software that caters to all your needs.

Don’t rely on human resources to complete the mundane tasks for you. Get Agent4leads to lead your business towards a more efficient way of working.