A Well Developed Real Estate Software For All Your Freeholds In The Virtual Marketplace!

Ever wondered, if there could be software for real estate management, how easy and organised your work might be. Well, we are thrilled to introduce you to one such software that will effortlessly help you manage all the property-related work. Now you must be wondering how software can help you in managing all your tasks? 

Paras Technologies has created this software that will allow you to manage, generate leads by creating an online real estate world, and automating all the work of an agent. As the world is changing, so is our technology evolving day by day. The new CRM software is a fusion of new technology and AI making it super friendly for the user to look for the best properties according to your clients’ needs. 

Let us enlighten you about all the features and how real estate software might be helpful for all its users and their business: 

What Is The Platform All About? 

This platform allows the user to be one step ahead of its competition. It does not matter if you are working as a team or an individual, this CRM software is a unique one in a plethora of software present in the market. It allows you to create an online marketplace for its users. Those can use and experience fully integrated software providing elite solutions. 

Apart from all the lead generation and managing them, it also gives its users; website enhancements by giving them a secured return of investments and commissions.   

How Does It Elevate Your Business Effectively? 

The real estate CRM software is designed to enhance and boost its user business effectively. Wondering how? Well, stick to this blog and you will know it all! The need to create this AI-based software was to help all the users to generate effective leads that will turn into an achieved target. We are sure you must be thinking about how artificial intelligence-based software will help you turn the leads? So, here is the answer to it: 

This software empowers your agents to generate leads by using a compatible landing page and IDX squeeze pages by allowing the users to view and use the most compatible listing of properties and potential clients for marking the green flag on the lead provided. Hence, decreasing the workload from the agent’s head.  

Apart from that, you can anytime expand your business by using social media advertising and other marketing activities. 

Track And Customise Your Website: 

This software for real estate management helps you by customising your website for maximum lead capture. It accesses and tracks the behaviour of the user to assist all your agents to look for their leads, a good home or property, all by providing a platform for the best searching experience. 

 It also allows you to list the properties attractively and effectively. That is by adding a beautiful image of the property so it fascinates the prospective person looking for it. 

Give Your Sales A Significant Boost:   

As mentioned above; Paras Technologies software is based on a CRM based AI that helps you and its users that land on a plethora of web pages and find the perfect match for all our property requirements. Well, allow us to introduce the ways how smartly our CRM system work:

  • By monitoring daily, weekly and monthly data.
  • Comparing it with a numerous sales matrix to increase the sales revenue. 
  • Bringing in new opportunities. 
  • Managing every day. 
  • Allows your agents to improve their skills in customer relationships. 
  • Maintaining profiles and keeping records in details of the clients. 
  • Highly integrated customer communication.
  • Built-in accountability rules.
  • Mechanised follow-ups.

Enhance Your Business Tactics:

Our real estate software also has one more avatar. Yes, you read it right! This CRM based, highly integrated with MLS is also available as a mobile application that allows your agents and users to use its highly developed properties instantly whenever they want and wherever they are.

This application makes its user find relevant properties and listings that would fit their needs. The MLS system helps them explore the online marketplace made by the industry people themselves by bringing in the best and impactful conversations. The application also allows you to contact other agents in the industry and help you find the best match for your client, and even share the profits as per your deals finalised. 


At paras technologies, we believe in serving our valuable customers with the best we have got. Creating this real estate CRM software has made us realise that there is a lot to invent, design and explore in the world of technology. Thus this software is developed for all the needs that will surely enhance, ease, manage and increase the sales performance of the agents, real estate agencies and other users.